MeListo Care

Access to reliable medical advice and appointments through personalised healthcare service at Melisto.

The Convinent way to access healthcare, improving the quality of care and customer experience.

A healthy outside begins from the inside! We thank you for your findings!

Presenting to you a one-stop healthcare portal: MeListo

With MeListo:

  • Have your laboratory profile and tests listed on our portal for free

  • Get appointments and cater to patients from across the country

  • Go paperless and digitize patient history and medical reports

  • Build strong networks with doctors, pharmacists and patients

  • Be accessible and have a digital presence 24*7

  • Use technology to maximize your reach and better the lives of many

Because your investigations help individuals to live better and happier.

Make the world a healthier place with us, the new health managers!

We are here… We are MeListo!

We are here… We are MeListo!