"We are your wellness partners: We are MeListo!"

With the vision to digitize health records and build comprehensive repositories of personal and family medical history, MeListo aims to modernize the outmoded paper-based health care reporting through fresh technology-driven solutions. Our all-inclusive personal medical database lets your doctor access your medical history at the convenience of a click, evades the consequences of delayed diagnostics, makes medical database management easier, and takes care of your complete family’s healthcare needs.

At MeListo we believe missing or incomplete medical records or previous significant reports and findings should not risk the health of you and your loved ones! Our expansive system of doctors, pathologists, and pharmacists have come together to build a unified interface that makes medical database management faster and accurate. Reducing the dependence on the cumbersome analogue model, MeListo helps and simplifies the retrieval of all your medical reports remotely on your PCs or smart phones, anytime and anywhere.

The Team

"A group becomes a solid team when everyone is sure enough!"

MeListo started-off with a simple conversation to make healthcare convenient and easily accessible in an evolving country like India. The team at MeListo comprehends the utility and need to leverage technology for introducing expediency in each one’s ordinary life. Few personal experiences and some learned stories came together to conceptualize and give birth to MeListo, over a cup of coffee! Rightly said, 'Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people!'

Abhishek Mishra

(Co-Founder & CEO)

Our Adviser

Nischal Aravind Singh

(Partner & Co-Founder at www.ipforstartup.com)